The Client Relationship

Partnerships are formed between Riskon search consultants and clients so that a thorough understanding of the clientís organization, the nature of the job, and the specific traits of the ideal candidate are established as the first step of the search process. For example, for a senior technology position, the client will be asked to explain the characteristics of the organization and the level of empowerment and accountability. What types of technologies are used? Is the work environment real time mission critical or transaction based? Is success dependent on other organizations or is it a stand-alone group? Does the nature of the group demand hands on leadership with a strong knowledge of technology or is it a purely management leadership position? Riskon search consultants incorporate their knowledge of the industry, with their understanding of the clientís needs, to seek out a few choice candidates to meet the specific job requirements. All searches are performed with the highest degree of discretion.

Riskon further differentiates itself from other retained search firms in that Riskon does not abandon the client once a senior search is completed. Riskon places both senior and mid level candidates. As such, Riskon search consultants continue to work with the hiring organization to help build a strong management and implementation team. This commitment to developing client organizations is the foundation of the long term partnership Riskon achieves with its clients.