The synergies generated from Riskon’s expertise in corporate governance, along with Riskon’s expertise in executive search and the financial services industry, offers clients a full suite of corporate governance services, from policy remediation and director training, to director replacement.  All services are performed adhering to the highest standards of quality, integrity, and discretion.

Performance of a quantitative board level governance audit in which several hundred data points are collected and filtered through a decision tree matrix analysis.  This enables benchmarking of specific elements to highlight where they trail, meet or exceed “normative” views of governance best practice.

Performance of a qualitative review of the findings to determine opportunities for enhanced positioning and an explanation of best practices (and normative gaps) according to the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, the ICGN Best Practice Guidelines, or other country specific codes.

Development of remediation strategies to help clients meet accepted standards of best governance practice in such areas as board member independence, committee composition, remuneration policies, and defensive positions to thwart takeover attempts.

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