Like its clients, Riskon is committed to diversity in the work place, and makes a concerted effort to seek out female, minority, and disabled candidates.  Riskon is particularly sensitive to this issue as its President is visually impaired.  All searches are performed with the highest degree of discretion.

 Retained searches for middle and senior level candidates; 

Placement of middle and senior level contract employees, such as CFOs, CIOs, COOs, and project managers to meet immediate short-term client needs. 

A proprietary pre-qualification process that addresses multiple disciplines. 


 For vacancies or changes in boards of directors, we insist that prospective candidates have the ability to reason through financial statements to assess corporate risk exposure, and that they are free from conflicts that would impair their ability to act as fiduciaries. 


For mid and senior level managers, we require strong technical competency, hands on experience, and leadership skills in their respective areas of expertise.


For traders, sales executives, and marketers, we look for proven track records to ensure their ability to profitably manage portfolios.


For contract employees, we assess their domain specific knowledge and experience in their stated areas of expertise. 

 Industry specific research studies targeted at the financial markets to enable clients to anticipate the changing needs of specific market segments and to proactively staff these areas to maintain a competitive edge.

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