Qualified Candidates

To ensure a good match between candidates and client employment opportunities, all candidates are subject to Riskon’s proprietary pre-qualification process. This screening consists of evaluating a candidate’s communication skills and domain specific knowledge, along with an evaluation to determine the candidate’s suitability within an organization. Candidates are queried by in-house search consultants who have a working knowledge of the subject matter or by external consultants who are hired to interview candidates because of their expertise in their respective fields.

Questions are customized to meet the specific job search. For example, a candidate being interviewed for a fixed income portfolio manager position would be questioned on various fixed income products, on investment strategies of those products, and on their knowledge of portfolio risk management. For senior technology positions, additional tests are given to measure hard computational and quantitative skills. For vacancies or changes in boards of directors, we insist that prospective candidates have the ability to reason through financial statements to assess corporate risk exposure, and that they are free from conflicts that would impair their ability to act as fiduciaries. Our clients gain the time saving benefit of meeting only a small number of highly qualified candidates that are appropriate for the particular job and work environment. The client organization does not have to shoulder the burden of interviewing unqualified candidates.