The hedge fund industry is growing in excess of 25 percent annually. It is projected that by 2006, $1.7 trillion will be allocated to alternative investments. The factors that will differentiate funds that stagnate, from those that successfully attract this new capital will be the fund’s capability to create robust infrastructures to support the new assets under management and its ability to consistently produce high risk adjusted rates of return for its clients.

Riskon provides an array of management advisory services to assist emerging hedge funds to establish the infrastructures that are necessary to support rapid asset growth. Areas of expertise include:

Technology and Operational Infrastructures
Risk Management Procedures and Systems
Marketing and Trading
Human Resources

Unlike other management consulting firms, Riskon does not produce costly theoretical “white papers.” Riskon prides itself on rapidly assessing the needs of our clients, discussing customized solutions, and then quickly implementing “practical ideas” in the most cost effective manner. Prime brokerage firms may offer to assist hedge fund managers in setting up their offices in exchange for financing their portfolios or for clearing their trades. Riskon differentiates itself from these services by providing an unbiased single point of contact to not only consult but to also implement the infrastructures necessary to operate a hedge fund. Riskon accepts this responsibility and makes itself available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, just like the support available in large investment firms.